1. Is STS compatible with my motorcycle?
    Smart Turn System is compatible with almost every motorcycle except for a few latest models of BMW and Ducati with Lin communication system directly on turn signal switch. If you are in doubt please contact us on our website or send us a mail on info@safer-turn.com and we will personally check compatibility of your bike with STS.
  2. Funktioniert STS auch auf deinem Motorrad?

    STS ist mit den meisten Motorradmarken und Modellen kompatibel. Sende uns eine Nachricht mit deinem Motorrad und wir melden uns in Kürze bei dir ob STS auch für dein Motorrad geeignet ist. 

  3. How much does STS cost?
    STS costs 149€ or approximately 155 US dollars.
  4. Can I get discount for STS?
    We don’t offer discounts except for groups and special events. If there is 3 or more motorcyclists, please contact us at info@safer-turn.com and we will do our best to offer you some special offer. For special events please subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you informed about special offers.
  5. How much does shipping cost?
    Shipping costs 10€ (apx. 11$) worldwide (in every country).
  6. Where can I buy STS?
    You can order your STS online HERE or you can go to your local dealer.
  7. How can I pay for STS on safer-turn.com website?
    You can pay through BRAINTREE and PAYPAL.
  8. Is it safe to order on safer-turn.com website?
    Yes. Braintree and Paypal are the safest and widely used payment methods that you can trust. In case of any doubt regarding your payment or transaction please contact us at info@safer-turn.com.
  9. Which information do we need to gather for your order?
    In order to successfuly send you STS unit we need your first and last name, full adress, phone number for postal service and e-mail for our further contact. We DON’T gather any information from your credit card or paypal account.
  10. How long does it take to get STS unit?
    I usualy takes about 4-6 days in EU and 7-12 days outside EU. We ship units daily.
  11. What is the difference between STS and other similar products?
    STS doesn’t work on predetermined parameters. STS recognizes your manouevres and cancels turn signals only when needed, this brings extreme reliability and safety.
  12. Do other manufaturers of motorcycles already have such system?
    You can check how other systems work HERE. Under tab „comparison“ you can find out how other motorcycles companies are trying to solve this problem.
  13. Can I test the system?
    You can check reviews made by journalists and our customers HERE. If you order STS and you are still not satisfied we offer 30 days money back guarante.
  14. Do I need a mechanic to install it?
    It depends on your knowledge, but most likely not. Installation varies from model to model that is why we recommend that installation is made by mechanic or technician.
  15. Do I need to cut any wires in order to install STS?
    Yes. You need to cut left and right turn signal wire and flasher wire in order to install STS. No harm is done to your motorcycle and you can put it back to previous condition with a little workaround and no consequences.
  16. Where do I install the device?
    You install the device on your motorcycle. It needs to be connected with left and right turn signal, reset (or flasher), power supply and ground. You can put the device under your dashboard or on a visible spot on your motorcycle. Only requirement is that STS is put horizontally with arrow pointing up and forward for perfect sensitivity.
  17. How long does it take for STS to be installed on motorcycle?
    Experienced mechanic can get STS installed in about 30 minutes and but it totally depends on your bike. A lot of plastic covers means more work.
  18. How big is the device?
    Device measurements are 32x32x45mm.
  19. Can STS damage my bike?
    There is no way STS can damage your bike, since it only connects to turn signal wiring. Also STS was put through harsh tests where it was proved that mounting STS to your bike can’t damage it.
  20. Does STS unit have a warranty?
    Yes STS has one year warranty.
  21. Is the device certified?
    STS device is certified and TUV approved.
  22. Is STS patented?
    Yes. The device and the methods used are patented.
  23. Can I become a distributor?
    You are welcome to become a distributor. You can contact us HERE.
  24. Can I write about the system?
    Of course. You are very welcome to write about our company or SMART TURN SYSTEM. You can find press material HERE and you can contact us for further information on press@safer-turn.com.


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